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Headshots In Motion

Headshots Moving (HIM) are professional networking tools for actors, models and entertainers. Each HIM is made to showcase and share your abilities and personality inside a fun and memorable way.

Motion Headshots

In case a picture is worth a 1000 words, then a HIM is worth millions, perhaps billions, its the like the universe expanding. Oahu is the next stage inside the digital evolution of the way you look to yourself as a possible actor. Its A large number of images that make up a story, a mini commercial of yourself to share a wide variety of characteristics of your personality in A few seconds. And you still have a beautiful 8×10 that you could send out to a casting director.

You’ve probably heard this before, but why is a good headshot? Agents and directors will tell you the most essential thing is it appears like you. Is practical right? With Headshots In Motion you receive a tool that does this much more take a look like you, it teaches you at the best. Today there are more plus more opportunities for working actors then at any time: feature films, Tv programs, webisodes or getting your own youtube channel. The opportunities are endless, and HIMs… HIMs are created for folks chasing and making those opportunities.

Motion Headshots